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A TO ZEN Organizing's group programs can simplify home and work life for you, your staff and members of your group. Our on-site workshops and courses can be tailored to the needs of your organization.

The Zen of Organizing©
Clutter is distracting. This workshop teaches simple steps for getting and staying organized. It helps you determine what's worth keeping and what's not, and it provides you with the tools and strategies you need to organize your space for easy living.
It's All About Time©
If you're always in crisis mode and running late, then it's time for change. This workshop teaches you how to clarify priorities, plan realistically, and create a calendar that works for you. You will also learn how to free up your time for...!
Peace of Mind...One File, One Pile, At A Time©
Paper is only as useful as the information it contains. This workshop addresses the 'life cycle of information'. It guides you on which papers to keep, where to keep them, and when to toss and shred.
Click Away Clutter©
Computer clutter is a high-tech problem with a low-tech solution. This workshop introduces electronic filing techniques and software that makes gigabytes of emails, bookmarks and documents only a click or two away.
Organizing: From Thought To Action©
This multi-session workshop guides participants through a personal project, while teaching basic de-cluttering and organizing skills. It is designed for individuals to achieve their goal, and be prepared to tackle future projects independently.
Organizing: One Step At A Time©
This ongoing educational/support group focuses on the tendencies to clutter and the underlying issues involving space, possessions and time. The process of change is addressed and achievable steps are taken to 'lighten up' your life!

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